Birds of a Feather...
By ICantPickAFavFandom
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One night in the streets changed everything for Dick Grayson. He had just moved in with Bruce Wayne after he had seen his parents fall to their deaths. Living with a billionaire didn't seem so bad at first, but Dick was far from happy. The Bruce was never around when Dick needed a parental figure and he was forced to grieve alone. So he ran away. Persephone Jackson had seen her mother murdered when she was 5. Now she was immortal at the age of eighteen and had been through 2 horrific wars and even then, she still hadn't forgotten that one night. Months after the Giant War, she felt that she needed to get away from camp for a while and something pulled her to Gotham. Maybe it was the fact that the city seemed to be in constant suffering. Just like her. Percy Jackson and Batman crossover One-shot for now (it's just separated into 2 parts. I know you'd probably argue that then technically that's a two-shot, but WHATEVER, it's a ONE-shot) If you guys like it, I might write few more chapters (If I do, it'll bleed into young justice crossover) BTW! This story has been adopted by @grangerhpotter so make sure you follow her if you want to get notified when she posts the story!

Persephone Jackson Character

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Birds of...
by ICantPickAFavFandom