The Bad Boy Likes B...
By EnjxiiBlxck
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After years of being homeschooled, a move from Texas to Manhattan leaves Alexis 'Alex' Grace finally getting a taste of the High school experience. And let's just say, It fucking sucked. But not in the lame, boring way. No, try more of an annoying, agitating and 'become so frustrated you feel like pulling your hair out' kind of way. Why? Well thats how you tend to feel when the schools bitch has an insane and confusing crush on your twin brother, when the school's troublemaker takes you out of one dilemma and ditches you right into another, and when you're first impression to the school's notorious BadBoy is clashing forehead with him and then PMSing in an unattractive way. With problems at home and upcoming exam stress, She'd never have known that school drama was barely just the tip of the damn iceberg. ***This book is going to have a shit load of swearing inside it*** Yeah, I know, the blurb sucks. I'll come up with a better one... eventually. Cover By @Abbysidian <3

The Badboy Likes Batman

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The Bad B...
by EnjxiiBlxck