Because I Can't Los...
By stydiaHAShappened
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Stiles, Allison, Scott, and Lydia have been the four musketeers since the third grade. Though recently Scott confessed that he likes Allison, the couple are still waiting for Stiles to confess to a clueless Lydia. Allison keeps probing her adoptive brother (Stiles) saying that Lydia didn't know he's had a crush on her but Stiles can't make up his mind. "Why do you care?" "Because I can't lose you!" "High five?" "Wha- how old are we? Seven? Men fist bump." "Why are you always in the woods?" "...They remind me of you." "Swagtastic bro." "Oh god, he's been taken to the dark side." "What's wrong with the dark side? I hear they have cookies!" This is a Stydia story (with a dash of scallison) that's basically the same as all other stydia stories except: 1. No werewolves 2. Allison isn't new to Beacon Hills 3. Allison is Stiles' adoptive sister {I am attaching a song to almost every chapter-that kind of corresponds with the chapter- so sorry if you hate my taste in music but you can always not listen to the song... Although listening to it is highly requested by moi} This is my second stydia story so if you haven't checked out the first please do!

1. Where have all the good men gone?

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Because I...
by stydiaHAShappened