Vixen and The Thug
By ChrissyM93
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Sly ran his hometown and everything that happened in it, so one night when he saw an unfamiliar face he couldn't stop until he was properly introduced. Little did he know that she wanted nothing to do with him and that she just happened to be his baby sister, Audi's best friend, Elle. Now that he has his sights on her he would stop at nothing until he has completely consumes her. On the other hand you have Elle who has just started coming into her self since recently graduating from high school. Elle has never been one to really stand out in the crowd so, for the infamous Sly to want her attention was quiet interesting. Can she overcome her attraction to a certain someone or will she be like all of the other females? Did I forget to mention he was the biggest drug dealer in town and happen to maybe even have an empire?


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Vixen and...
by ChrissyM93