Welcome to the Deep...
By bardoftime
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Known all over the lands for his infamous piracy, and vast riches, he and his crew venture into the deep ends of the ocean with high hopes, and heavy burdens. "Heave 'er up!" the raspy voice shouted, a single gold tooth flashing among the crew mates pearly whites. The pulley strained at the sudden weight, slowly wheeling in their 'catch'. What caught their eyes was the bright scales shimmering from the male's torso to the thin fins that would usually be their feet. "It's not a lass, but a wee lad!" one shouted, resting his good eye on the shivering boy that was caught in the loose tangles of the fishermen's net. "And a siren, at that!" a younger voice added, his voice seeming to alert the ones above deck. Golden heels clicking against the wooden planks, a man of extreme pride and glistening figure had made eye contact with the mythical creature for the first time. A charming grin was all it took for the siren to jump. His hair stood up like the pines on a tree, his hands quivering as he tried to get out of the net. He had made a big mistake, he should not have entered the deep end.

[Prologue] A Siren and a Pirate

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Welcome t...
by bardoftime