Stuck Between Billi...
By ktish7
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His green eyes were shining in anger. He saw her standing there with that fucking gangster. Fury and jealousy were running through his veins. His eyes drifted down and noticed the hand which was gripping her waist. His fingers turned into a fist. He was ready to kill him. He saw them going and pulling away in car. Where the fuck is he taking her? He turned and threw a punch on the wall hardly. Grabbing his bag he ran and ran til he reached in his room but her memories came rushing in his head. Everything in his room was a reminder of her. Her scent was still floating in the air. Her tinkling giggle echoed in his ears. But why? Why is he jealous? Why is he angry? He was the one who betrayed her, destroyed her, made fun of her love. Now why her moving on with another man is killing him inside? He is the god of his own world. He is The Eric Knight. It was never a fairytale. Fate collided them and started a story full of- fight, love, romance, betrayal and hate. And in between all this, entered a Gangster, who kills people and sells drugs but is sexy like a devil. One's Obsession and other's Possession. A story full of passion, but The game spins and their fates as well.


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Stuck Bet...
by ktish7