Marked ✔️
By BlAckRosE7777777
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After World War III and biological warfare destroy two-thirds of the world population, what was once known as North America has become the Council of Nations, a ruthless society that has closed off its borders, trapping its citizens in. Now every citizen is required to get a Mark upon their forehead. Without their mandatory Mark you cannot be a part of society and worst of all, it makes you the prey in their twisted game of cat-and-mouse. Rachel has spent her entire life Unmarked and hiding from a government that would Mark her and strip away her free will in an instant. When her brother flees to the city to be Marked and her home is raided by poachers-the section of law enforcement tasked with hunting down the Unmarked-Rachel is forced to go on the run. Equipped with very little knowledge about the enemy she must now face, she embarks on a journey which will soon reveal the government's darkest secret: that they are all pawns in a much more sinister ploy.

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by BlAckRosE7777777