Omega vs. The World...
By JaneScott318
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Omega vs. The World Percy was betrayed. He had been loyal to everyone he knew. He loved his girlfriend, Annabeth, and he was going to propose to her after being with her for three years. But then his sister came. She was a small 12 year old like he had been and looked exactly like him. He saved her from a small hellhound puppy that looked like a runt of a litter. She then was claimed and thought of as the perfect person. Percy's father doesn't care for him anymore and he has disowned him. Chiron looks down to Percy and up to his sister. Even Annabeth is mad at him. So he leaves and Hades finds him. Hades offers him a job on behalf of Chaos. To become Chaos's commander and chief of his army. Now what will Percy turn into? Discontinued due to inspiration failure as of 2/26/2016, will continue writing as inspiration comes, will not post. As of 12/21/2018 inspiration has come in a slight burst, might post...

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Omega vs...
by JaneScott318