Chasing Mr. Crown:...
By SuzyEngland
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*Highest Ranking - #15 in Romance - July 2016* *A Wattpad Featured Novel - June 28, 2016* *Top 25 Finalist - So You Think You Can Write 2015 contest* ***** Alone at her favorite pub, magazine editor Natalie Powell contemplates a new life that's poised to begin in twenty-four hours. With her flat packed and her ex out of her mind, she downs a celebratory martini, wondering what adventures await her in New York City. But a handsome, blue-eyed stranger on the bar stool beside her interrupts her quiet evening. After several drinks and a whirlwind night on the town, Natalie abandons her morals and spends her final hours in London in the arms of this nameless, exciting man. Fast forward one year and Natalie still can't shake the mystery man from her thoughts. She knows they're destined to meet again. She just never expects it to be on the arm of her sister. ***** This book is a work of fiction. Characters and events in this novel are the product of the author's imagination. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. ***** A HUGE thank you to my editor and good friend, Renee, for taking the Harlequin contest journey with me. ***** Shout out to my girl, Jane, for her amazing typo-location skills! ***** This book contains scenes which might not be appropriate for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. ***** Copyright Notice: (2015) SuzyEngland. All rights reserved worldwide. No part of this book may be reproduced or copied without the expressed permission from the author. Try to pass this work off as your own and it will be on like Donkey Kong. ***** Romance Hot List Top 20 Rankings: #15 July 31, 2016 #16 July 5, 2016 #17 July 30th, 2016 General Fiction Top 50 Rankings: #30 May 9, 2017 #16 May 16, 2017

Chapter One

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Chasing M...
by SuzyEngland