A Beauty and The Be...
By Writer20161
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"You took my father from me! You killed him!" I snarled, pulling against the chains. He watched me with those same dead eyes, not an ounce of emotion. "He trespassed into my home and stole my food, he got what he deserved." he stated calmly. I bared my canines, just wanting to rip through his flesh with them. "Now I know why." "Why what?" "Why no one could ever love you...you're a monster. A cold blooded beast at heart." I spat with hatred. "No one could ever love a beast like yourself." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arabella, proclaimed as the most beautiful woman to ever live in Britain. Even the humans consider her a rare beauty. She was a kind-hearted girl, but she would stand up for whatever she believed in. She would fight whomever she deemed as a threat, and that included the beastly King of Alphas, Samuel Blackmoore.


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A Beauty...
by Writer20161