One Punch, One Kiss...
By Mallow24
  • Romance
  • abnormal
  • comedy
  • lahatna
  • teen-romance
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Clark Xavier, a childish boy but a lover boy wala ata sa vocabulary nya ang magseryoso, i mean he is a happy go lucky then he met Patricia Reyes not a typical kind of girl, boyish, laging seryoso, nakikipag away but behind of that attitude, Clarkson love her so much but Patricia hate him? Nah, wala sa vocabulary nya ang salitang love. But hindi susuko si Clarkson makuha lang nya ang matamis na 'oo' ni Patricia. Well mapagtagumpayan kaya nyang makuha iyon? You'll find out.. *** All characters, names, places and events are all imagination/fiction of author. You might encountered wrong grammars and unedited words but please respect it coz im not proffesional author :) This is my first first story, so support support guyseu hehe. You can comment your thoughts, vote and messege me if you want. KAMSAHAMNIDAšŸ˜˜ DON'T PLAGIARISM. START: July 2016 END: November 2016

Chapter 1- The Start

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One Punch...
by Mallow24