The Jock and the Lo...
By Talia_Brandeis
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Not all stories begin with love at first sight. Maddie has always grown up being picked on. She never wore the latest clothes, was dubbed the "nerd" of her school, and only had her 10 year old brother Johnny and best friend, Kylee to rely on. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her and Johnny in the hands of their more than absent father. She and her dad hadn't ever really been on the same page, and don't get along. What would happen if the rope stretches too far between them and she can do nothing else? Blake is the school's jock and hottest A-lister. Oh, and his parents happen to own the biggest business in town: Kerwinn Constructions and Industries. His favorite hobbies include picking on the unsuspecting, especially Maddie. When they are paired for a project, the two opposites clash and they expect disastrous results. But as the two start learning more about each other, they realize that they're not all that different. But will they find enough common ground? *** sorry if I got anyone's hopes up, but this is not a fanfic *** Original cover by: @geromee3 HIGHEST RANKING: #664 in Teen Fiction!! #664: 1/4/17 #839: 8/15/16 #881: 7/21/16


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The Jock...
by Talia_Brandeis