Rejecting the Alpha
By TaitumWright
  • Werewolf
  • ace
  • alone
  • alpha
  • badass
  • female
  • mates
  • rejection
  • rogues
  • summit


"NO!" I yell at the man standing in front of me. He smirks and reaches out to touch me but I swat his hand away. "You will accept me. We are mates." That's the moment I decided my own fate. "I Summit Dillon Parker, reject you, Ace Matthew Collins." Then I heard him scream and my world went black. Summit Parker has never been your ordinary girl, besides the fact that she is a werewolf, she is as stubborn as they come. She doesn't want a mate, she hates love. It's what made her father kill himself when her mother was murdered by rogues. Ace Collins, player, asshole, and soon to be Alpha just wants his mate. Yes, he has slept with half the pack, but hey his mate will be his last, until then he'll keep sleeping with whoever he wants. In a twist of fate Summit runs into at school and he instantly wants to mark her, but she won't have it so she flat out rejects him. Will they get together? Will they fall apart?


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by TaitumWright