Return to Reality
By kawaiisoul
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The best part about waking up is going back to sleep, right? But what if you're stuck in a nightmare, unable to wake up? When 10,000 people across the continent of North America suddenly fall ill, rumours start to spread that it is Heavens doing – an organization responsible for creating the highly advanced simulated world everyone currently lives in. One by one the individuals infected by the unknown disease start falling unconscious, until there's only one left standing. However, Adalia Diangelis isn't awake much longer. When the 15 year old falls unconscious, she instantly finds herself in a completely different world, subsequently discovering she's unable to leave. Adalia and the other victims are then informed by Nick Tolias, a member of Heavens, that if they wish to be free, they must reach the other side of this island-like world. However, if they die in this world, their bodies will also die in the real one. Now trapped and fighting for their very lives, the 10,000 individuals struggle to reach the other side of the island. Unfortunately, no one in this strange world who has ever left for the other side, has ever been heard of again. Taking a chance on either disappearing forever, or returning to reality, Adalia risks everything on making it to the other side, but what will really happen if she does?

(1) The Last One Standing

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