The Faustine Chroni...
By CelticRose
  • Fantasy
  • apocalypse
  • chance
  • chronicle
  • darkfantasy
  • faeries
  • fairies
  • fate
  • faustine
  • journey
  • luck
  • monsters
  • necromancer
  • powers
  • quest
  • revenge
  • ritual
  • sacrifice
  • secrets
  • souleater
  • timetravel


In the Dark Ages, two half-brothers, both cursed, struggle to make their way in the world. As a strange red comet hurtles to earth, both realise that the future of their world depends upon which of them finds it first and who wields - or destroys - the power it contains. In the time known as the Common Era, six years on from Vin's forced coronation, Kristof has his sights set on returning to his homeland and getting his revenge. Little does he realise that with Balor's Scream falling through space and time, he may have more to worry about than war, and his unruly children - including his first legitimate son Yury, the Last Necromancer. Past and present collide as the end of the world approaches, monsters start spilling through the cracks in time, and sacrifices must be made. The future rests on the Last Necromancer, and everything rests on twists of Fate, Lady Luck's favour, and the whims of Chance. Cover by @13creations THE BOOK OF CHANCE is Nicodemus Basir's third vision, and the third in the Faustine Chronicles series.

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The Faust...
by CelticRose