My best friend does...
By Adorkablymi
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Elizea a normal girl like any other with a few more secrets then most. She has been living a normal life-normal enough for her at least-with her mother and three older brothers Nick, Kevin and Adrian. Her best friend Conner who she has fallen in love with, has come to know just one side of Elizea and has yet to discover who she truly is. She comes from a long line of Royalty from the small quaint city of Venice, Italy. Her father in an unexpected visit comes and takes Elizea from everything she has ever know. As time progresses old wounds are opened and new ones made. Will she ever be able to tell her best friend who she is, will she ever get the courage to tell Conner she's in love with him.

My bestfriend doesn't know me as well as he thought Ch1

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My best f...
by Adorkablymi