The Priestess of th...
By Alexandra_92
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Twins Lily and Monica had always lived together, pulling through their hardships, especially after their parents’ death. But one day the two of them discover a strange looking tree, an Ebu tree. The Ebu tree begs for their help and it transports them, just before it dies, into the mysterious world of Denmor who is for a long time in the midst of a horrible war. There they are saved by Darth, a young boy with a mysterious past, who works as a wandering merchant together with his talking golden dragon Limon and a black puppy, with an amazing appetite, Dings. They decide to help them in their attempt to return home but fate has other plans as she unites them together in the search of a way to save Denmor. Together they set on a journey in order for Lily and Monica to find a way back home and also, reveal the secrets that lie behind the myth of the Priestess, a being chosen in order to restore the lost balance in Denmor and the Four Gods who accompany her. Who is the Priestess of the four Gods and what is Lily’s and Monica’s connection with this forgotten myth? --------------------------- This is my very first novel, still a draft but feel free to vote/comment!


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The Pries...
by Alexandra_92