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ON HOLD "The gods should have never interfered... Hybrids were never meant to exist. You were never meant to exist. Too much power breaks the balance, and our world today is proof" On her 18th birthday, Emily turns into a Gifted. Granted with powers by the moon goddess, Emily is thrown into the supernatural world with no clue. Only that she is the key to saving the werewolves, and quite possibly, the rest of the supernaturals. The Gifted are the protectors of the supernatural world, and it's Emily's duty to protect her pack from the blood-thirsty Alpha Michael, who follows her every move. But why is Alpha Michael so hellbent on bringing death to Emily's family? Why are the gods meddling with the supernatural world? And how is Emily supposed to fulfil her duties? Dangers are rising, secrets are being uncovered and the fate of the worlds rests in the hands of two hybrids. "The supernaturals represent the balance of light and dark. If one tips out if balance, their kind falls, and the rest of the world follows." (NOT EDITED YET) _______________________________ It's NOT cliché. However, me saying that is cliché. So I guess you'll have to read and figure that out by yourself :) I do not own any of the media that is shared, except for my own covers. I apologise if any of the pictures are yours, I'd like to credit all of the artists for the pretty art you all do. All rights are reserved; to the author (Moi) Meaning: do not copy, print or basically do anything to any of my work without my permission, otherwise you're dealing with the law, darling. ❤️

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Gifted |...
by redrosettes