Fatal Attraction [t...
By steffy_t
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A lot changes in a year and a few months: people grow, people forget, people change and people love. Jane Puller has no time or place for love in her life, she gave it a go once, only to have it thrust back into her arms in the form of a broken heart. Bitter from a broken promise, she escapes to her life in Siem Reap, Cambodia for a whole month, teaching, aiding and living the life of pure freedom. What she doesn't expect is Central Perks to drop in and make good on a once forgotten promise, and with them, the infamous Johnny Bloom. It's a fatal attraction, one that's destined for disaster. Fatal Attraction by Cora Virgo Fatal Attraction [completed] #119 teen fiction 16/04/2013 #70 humour 16/04/2013

Preface | His return into my thoughts

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Fatal Att...
by steffy_t