The Girl Who Tweete...
By NickBryan
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • bryan
  • choi
  • comedy
  • crime
  • dark
  • detective
  • hobson
  • internet
  • london
  • murder
  • mystery
  • nick
  • twitter
  • wolf


"If we get 400 followers, John Hobson will solve that nasty wolf-murder case for free! Fight the thing himself if he has to! #HobsonVsWolf!" Angelina Choi was only trying to drum up some Twitter followers and make a good impression on her first day interning at John Hobson's one-man detective agency. But the campaign went viral and now they have a murder to solve, no money coming in, and an unwilling Hobson faced with battling some enormous beast. With both follower and body counts rising, can they crack the case without offending everyone or being eaten by a huge dog? The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf is the first case starring Hobson & Choi, a bickering, mismatched detective duo for 21st century London. This book collects the debut storyline of the hit darkly comic crime web serial, extensively rewritten and improved for this definitive edition. -- Hi! This is the first book in Hobson & Choi darkly comic crime series that I've been working on for the last few years, and yes, this is the published book version of the text. It'll be appearing on Wattpad in increments over the next month or so, so if you like it, tell your friends and stuff. And if you want to get the whole thing right now, The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf (and the next volume, Rush Jobs) are both up on pretty much every ebook platform. Thanks! Enjoy!

ONE - #HobsonVsWolf

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The Girl...
by NickBryan