The Arrogant CEO
By Abeer_Sx
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Isabella Smith, a twenty two year old woman struggling to make it through the evils of the world and surviving through thick and thin to give her sister and herself a happy life. She is loving and caring to everyone. Seth Anderson, a twenty six year old hot billionaire and the CEO of Anderson&Co who is everything a girl wants. Hot, sexy and handsome. He never believed in love, he just had those typical one night stands. But his believe proved wrong when he saw Isabella and was intrigued by her. He grabbed her butt and pushed her against the wall. His lips grazed the back of her ear. "Are you scared?" He asked "N-no" She breathed out "So say you're mine" He said as she looked at him confused "Say it" He said once again as he kissed her neck "I-I'm yours" She breathed out heavily What would happen when Seth would enter Isabella's simple yet happy life? Would her world come crashing down or would it turn her life beautiful, the thing she thought would never happen? - Warning: The spelling and grammar is bad but I'll try to edit it once the book is completed. Highest rank: #4 in Romance [UNEDITED]

The Arrogant CEO

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The Arrog...
by Abeer_Sx