Playing By The Rules
By BrandonWong048
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2016 Wattys Award Winner - Collector's Edition A #1 Ranked Teen Fic Novel A Wattpad Featured Novel On the ice, Caleb Dawson is unstoppable. With prodigious talents, Caleb is easily one of the best teenage hockey players in America. There is no doubt that Caleb will become the next greatest star on ice. The only problem is: he knows it. And he demands to be treated like a star. Cocky, arrogant and self-centered, Caleb is on a straight path to destroying his own career. Jennifer Beckett is academically gifted, as her longstanding position on the honors list indicate. While she may seem flawless inside the classroom, Jennifer is a totally different person outside of class. Broken, fearful, dependent. To hide her insecurities, Jennifer stays away from any sign of trouble. But Caleb is a different kind of trouble, one that draws her into his world. Can this relationship save the two of them from their own destruction? Cover credits to @Mxghna

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