Denying the Truth (...
By Kay-Likes-Pie
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~~Sequel to The Hidden Truth~~ It all went to hell, didn't it? The Speaker betrayed us, betrayed the Guardians, and broke his promise of safety and prosperity within our walls. There are Guardians who remained loyal to him and the City, and vowed to protect the Traveler at any cost. And there are Guardians who fled, many looking to fight the Tower, some looking for freedom from our walls, and a handful without so much of a clue as to where to go next. Our fireteam, Hidden Power, was among this group. And I'm starting to wonder if we're going to regret this later down the line. Zero keeps saying they're just going to pick us off if we don't act. But we're moving into enemy territory now. The Ishtar Sink, home of the Vex, and apparently ours too, now. The Future War Cult keeps insisting that we'll do okay here. We're supposed to be immortal, after all. How much longer will that last? The Reef offered to help us out. They send us supplies every so often. That's not too bad. But the Exo Stranger's gone. Left without a trace, or even a name to remember her by. So what's left to do? We destroyed our home with no way of coming back. Our best odds are taking the fight back to the Tower, the Speaker, and maybe even the Traveler. So that's what we'll do, at least until someone comes up with a better idea. Hopefully, but I'm not optimistic. (Semi-hiatus. I update when I can. I'm finishing this book dammit) ~~~ I don't own Destiny, but this plot and most OCs are mine. And without further ado, I hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 1: Hiding More Truth

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Denying t...
by Kay-Likes-Pie