One Phone Call Away
By _iiiinfinity_
  • Short Story
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"Sure, your are Lily. Now stop playing I need advice on how to stop-" "Getting a boner." "No, I need to know how to-" "Suck the D." "LILY!" "IM NOT LILY! You do know, you have the wrong number." Cameron Rivers called this phone number to get out of therapy, having to take medicine and other things he is forced to do. But as he calls the phone number it turns out to be a wrong phone number with a no-filter, bubbly girl named Iridescent Meadows. He offered her to be his advisor even though he didn't know her well. She accepted and they became best friends along the way. All he wanted was advice but as it turns out along the way he might just get something else too. A comedy story filled of jokes to brighten your day, advice to help everyone, friendship and possibly even more. After all she is the pencil to his broken, wrinkled up paper. Previously called "Advice for the teens"


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One Phone...
by _iiiinfinity_