My Only «H2OVanoss...
By Clawdeenh1gh
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Jonathan Denis moved from North Carolina to Canada with his mom to keep a safe distance from his father, his mother said it was for the best. Although, Jon isn't having the best time in his new home. He meets new friends in his new high school, one caught his eye though, Evan. A tall and buff Asian who YouTubes for fun. Their friendship turns on and off and is often tested with others. Will they forever stay mad or make up? Will they be friends once more or maybe...more..? "I love you, Jon." "R-Really?" "Truly" ----------------«Fan Comments»----------- -Cancer_The_Crab: //screams while clapping BEAUTIFUL //cries THIS WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK -MiniLaddsBae: *Cries tears of joy* this was so beautiful...I loved this emotional roller coaster so much..<3 -Shokora123: That's so beautiful! *claps* -MusiicAddictt: This book was amazing. One of my favorites. I'm glad you decided to write this. Thank you for the emotional roller coaster. -Courtney_W123: Nooo I'm crying - -LizzieIsNotOnFire-: I loved this book <3 -BeatixGaming: So cute, love the ending! -ErikaSkellington: One of the few happy endings I love <3 -justkissalreadyy: Great ending. I'm proud of this book -shakira_gonzalez2001: Oh my gosh *tear* XD -------«Few of the many comments ;)»-------


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My Only ?...
by Clawdeenh1gh