The Dog Whisperer
By AyaChitsure
  • Fantasy
  • chance
  • freedom
  • future
  • futuristic
  • hate
  • judgement
  • justice
  • prejudice
  • racism
  • war


Ever wondered what the future looks like? You don't wanna know. In the eyes of the outcast, society seems pretty stupid. After being rejected his whole life, Knox is having a hard time trusting anything, and all he is able to rely on is a computer program that helps him avoid the cops. But in this year of many worlds, Knox isn't the only one the police need to chase. When sides are switched and lines become blurry, rebellion may just become the only medicine for the social poison that is rejection. Expand your mind and rethink your morals as this future of a world recalls the classic themes of prejudice, judgement, and justice. It all starts at the roots, and even in 1000 years, man hasn't changed.

:Prologue: Stray Dog

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The Dog W...
by AyaChitsure