Playful kisses [Boy...
By cuterimachan
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I slightly moved my lips; a signal of some sort as a pleading to want him so desperately or to be wanted by him. I was cut off by his warm and soft lips crushed against mine. The sensation almost like ecstasy running through my veins and through my blood. I ran my fingers through his soft, gentle black hair, pulling him closer to me but I had to resist him. Pushing him away from me, I broke our kiss but that didn't stop him from desiring me even more. In a instant, he grabbed both of my arms and pinned them against the wall, at the same time he crushed my entire body up against the wall. The sudden feeling of his muscluer body pressed up against my so shameful skinny body left me dieing for entertainment.

Jesse and Nate: (1) - Naughty and yet a sweet kiss

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Playful k...
by cuterimachan