A New Generation of...
By IvoryAnna
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Book One of Pan of Never Duology Have you ever wondered what came after Wendy and the other Darlings? What of all the other children Peter has visited over the years? Surely, there are many. I would find it very hard to believe that the ever playful Peter Pan would not spread his legacy on to a new generation of believers. Where would the world be if children did not believe in silly fairy tales such as Peter Pan? Gwen and her sister have heard the tales of Peter Pan since they were tiny children. Never had they gave a single thought that he or the whole of Neverland, might actually exist. He had always been a figment of imagination. A pastime for children. They thought wrong. When Gwen and Wendi are kidnapped in the dead of night, who is going to save them from the Neverland pirates and the dangerously attractive captain leading them? When Gwen is stuck between the playful rogue and the handsome pirate, the hero and the villain will clash in a battle of wills bigger than either thought possible. And in the end, good always triumphs over evil. Right? Will the boy who never grew up stand a chance with the girl who never saw him coming? The Token Awards 2017 Third Place Winner! The beautiful cover is made by the aDuology @ryuwelp00 !! Thank you so much!!

Chapter One (Revised)

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A New Gen...
by IvoryAnna