Nothing But The Fak...
By electricblue85
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Seven things to remember from The CONTRACT 1) You have the right to remain silent. (It is actually highly recommended.) 2) Anything you say can be used against you. 3) Keep your thoughts to yourself. 4) Your actions are always tracked and studied. 5) You are responsible for your own behavior and stats. 6) You'll be judged by the people around you of the people around you. 7) Most importantly, NEVER, show your bad side. In order to maintain a contract made after the Accident, I have to keep my composure at all costs: no absences from school, no bad grades, no bad news. If even one of these things is forgotten, my...troubled mom and I could lose our house. All of our money: gone. College: forgotten. Life: Destroyed. I thought I could keep it under control, until I met him: the one person who could ruin it all. The one person who reveals my bad side, who makes my mind irrational and my actions unreasonable. The one who knows everything, but nothing. The one with the sick sense of humor, stuck up attitude, and cruel personality. The one who can see right through me. Brandon. Like I wasn't dealing with enough. --- Started: June 17, 2013 On Hold: as of May 17, 2021 😅😅

Chapter 1: Dilemmas of the New Girl

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Nothing B...
by electricblue85