Running Into the Ba...
By MariannaTiell
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  • hate
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"So the little nerds got an attitude," says the schools bad boy Luke Parker. "I dont have time for this right now, just leave me alone," I said trying to slip past Luke and his group of friends. "Now why would i do that now sweetheart?" he asked, a huge smirk plastered onto his face. "Parker! Get your ass over here and start the drills!" Luke's football coach yells signaling him to leave. I take this time to get past him. When i was almost to my car i heard Luke yell, "This isnt over nerd!" and walked off towards the football field. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emily Bryan isn't the most popular or well known person at Westfield High, shes the nerd, the one who never gets noticed, and never fails. Luke Parker; hes the badboy, the player, the one that every girl wants because he looks like a god, and he knows it. He's your typical bad boy. What happens when these two opposites collide? Love? Hatred? Brokenhearts? Join Emily as she starts Running Into the Badboy.

Running Into the Badboy

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Running I...
by MariannaTiell