The Whispering of B...
By UniversalPictures
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Every family has its secrets. Unfortunately for Harlequin Jones, everyone knew her family's nasty little secret. For eight years, Harlequin and her mother had tried to forget the truth and bury the horrors of their past, but when Harlequin's grandmother begs for her to come and stay, the truth refuses to stay dead. Returning to the home of her grandparents brings back many happy childhood memories for the thirteen-year old Harlequin; memories of home-made apple pie, playing pretend-horses in the yard and fishing down at Bitter Creek. But the visit brings back something else, something Harlequin thought had ended eight years before and she is about to learn that her family's nasty little secret is far worse than she could ever have imagined. Blood is thicker than water and family is everything. There's no place like home.......

Chapter 1

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The Whisp...
by UniversalPictures