Forgive or Forget Y...
By melissalynn88
  • Romance
  • baby
  • breakup
  • broken
  • chicklit
  • daughter
  • divorce
  • hurt
  • husband
  • lies
  • marriage
  • struggle
  • trust
  • wife


"I didn't know this type of heartbreak existed." "It was pure torture to know the man I pictured spending the rest of my life with had moved on." Newly-wed couple, Christopher and Charlotte Rivers, were expecting their first baby, and they couldn't be any happier. It was meant to be the best moment in their lives. It was the time when she needed her husband the most. Together, Chris and Charlotte were supposed to welcome their first child into the world. But, no. Chris didn't show up, and Charlotte gave birth to their first child-their daughter-alone. She waited for days. There were no texts, no calls, no emails from him. Not even from his family. When Charlotte came home days after giving birth, she was hoping her husband to welcome her with one hell of an explanation. Instead, she was met with papers-divorce papers. With all the challenges life throws at them, will they be able to overcome it? Will they be able to forgive each other and rekindle their love and trust? Steamy, romantic, and full of drama-this story will show you that it despite all the setbacks in a relationship, there can always be a second chance. Grab your copy now!

Chapter One

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Forgive o...
by melissalynn88