Cold Waters
By smidorii
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Mimi Bennett is a sarcastic, coffee addicted high school graduate who can't wait to move out with her best friend, Jace Oaken, and his older brother, Zion Reyes. Jace is the person she turns to for everything and sometimes feels like the only thing keeping her afloat. Zion is bad news. He's dangerous and reckless, but he has his own twisted ways that she soon comes to understand, and maybe even like. Mimi's in uncharted territory, living here with these two, and it's time she finds a way to test the waters, no matter how cold they may be. Along the way, Mimi learns what it means to be a friend, a daughter and a lover. (The Taking Risks Series - Book 1) ⚠︎⚠︎⚠︎ Please be aware that this series is under construction and being rewritten. As such, a lot of things will be changed from the original version ⚠︎⚠︎⚠︎

*Author's Note*

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Cold Wate...
by smidorii