The Life of A Not S...
By bex_the_box
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Niall Horan is your typical directioner. His social life is pretty much non-existent as he spends so much time looking and fanboying over the newest pictures of One Direction, searching up the newest news on them and arguing with Elounor shippers over the fact that Larry is indeed real. One Direction is the world famous boyband consisting of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik who have millions of fans around the world and Niall is only one of them. But what happens when Niall wins a contest to meet the boys in California? What happens when Zayn falls in love with Niall…. And so does Liam. This is a collab with @wild_harmonies -> GO FOLLOW HER BECAUSE SHE'S AMAZING :D © 2013, @bex_the_box and @wild_harmonies ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Chapter 1

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The Life...
by bex_the_box