Where Broken Hearts...
By SamanthaHeart9
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Rejection wasn't something new to the 17-year-old Issac Wild. It started off with abandonment when he was an infant, Isolation when he was child, and then cruel words and fists from the other kids his age in his teens. The only person that didn't abandon him was a wild coyote he had saved years ago. But now as he hits mating age he hopes for someone to accept him and drive away the demons that eat at his self-esteem. Yet only humiliation and a shattered heart is what he's left with. So he packs his bags and leaves, turning rogue. However, what started off as an easy journey is met with a turn of tragedy. Escaping the end of death with a helping hand Issac wakes up in a place that he thought was only a rumor, a dream for wolves like him. But the dream is real. As he integrates with the pack he begins to accept the affection he never had ever since he was born and mend the cracks in his heart. However, when the mate that had rejected him shows up to take him back everything falls apart. The people he considers his family and the people who made him suffer...he ends up having to make a choice that could either kill the people he loves or save them. Will Issac fall in love with the man who shattered his heart? Or the man who showed him where broken hearts come to rest?

Chapter 1: Meeting (Revised)

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Where Bro...
by SamanthaHeart9