Never Thought That...
By imperfectromance
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Riley Matthews. She's always known for being a complete outcast, one of the quiet ones. She has only 2 close friends that really care about her aside from her parents. But it's all a mask from the actual sad truth. Her life turned upside down right when she began dating Brandon. She should've listened to her friends. Maybe if she listened, she wouldn't be stuck in this situation she's in right now. Maybe she's wouldn't be covered in bruises from head to toe and maybe her life would've been more happier. Until one day, a miracle happens. She's partnered up with the school's bad boy and womanizer Lucas Friar. From there on, her life changed for the better Lucas Friar is the bad boy at John Quincy High School. He didn't care about anything other than his womanizer reputation, until he's given the chance to get to know a shy girl named Riley. She wasn't what he'd expected but for sure he'll be the one to save her in the end. Even though he's not the typical "Knight in Shining Armor", she needs him. Rated: T-M WARNING: Contains contents of Abuse and Other Mature Content

Chapter One

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Never Tho...
by imperfectromance