More Poison in Your...
By DeliriousMoon
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Evelyn's day couldn't get any worse, until a local news anchor drops dead in her café. If that weren't bad enough the police suspect her former drug dealing cousin as the culprit, and Evie's not someone who just sits by while her family's in trouble. Putting on her sleuth hat she's in a race to find the true killer; not an easy task considering the deceased was a total ass to just about everyone he knew. Was it his neglected wife, sick of the constant verbal abuse? His pretty assistant, tired of being sexually harassed on a daily basis? Or was it his brother, jealous of the success he could never find himself? Hell, maybe it's that strange new guy that's only a quarter-step from being a bum. If Evie thought today was a hot mess, she's in for ride of her life. Evie Harper Mysteries: Book 1

Chapter 1

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More Pois...
by DeliriousMoon