"Be My Hero, S...
By ajdixon0820
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It's her senior year and Luna is new at Beacon Hills High. She wants to have a normal senior year, but in Beacon Hills that's a rare thing. Little does Luna know there is a supernatural world that she is soon to be introduced to. There has been a series of killings since she moved to Beacon Hills that could be linked to the supernatural world. When she comes across a group of friends who seem to be solving all of the towns problems they teach her about the supernatural world that people are oblivious to. Will the 8 teens be able to keep their supernatural world a secret, or will it be revealed to everyone? And will they be able to keep their loved ones out of the crossfire before it's too late? Find out in this story of love, mystery, and sacrifice when a group of teens are needed to catch the serial killer of Beacon Hills.

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by ajdixon0820