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By susyy_rodriguez_
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//flashback 2012 b.z.// It was a normal day here in New York. Victoria, a 17 year old, was getting ready for her day. When she turned on the TV to Fox News she saw that they were talking about some sort of disease outbreak. She sat on her bed just watching many innocent people turn into horrific 'zombies' as they were called. Somehow she knew it would spread fast, so she decided that she was going to get ready for what was about to come her way. She headed to her closet and grabbed her survival backpack. It mainly had the essentials (I.e. extra clothes, matches, lighters, and a solar powered radio/flashlight/phone charger, and all that important stuff). When she grabbed her backpack, she grabbed an equally sized bag and stuffed it with bottles of water and any bagged or boxed food she had in her cabinets. She had the pack on her back, food bag in hand and a kitchen knife in the other, in case she ran into any zombies on her to her SUV. //End of flashback//

{Cɦaքtɛʀ 1}

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by susyy_rodriguez_