Bump in the Night
By Alyss_Midnight
  • Vampire
  • abandoned
  • alive
  • attic
  • bite
  • blackout
  • children
  • cold
  • dad
  • daddy-dearest
  • dead
  • die
  • dieing
  • eli
  • end
  • fun
  • holly
  • invited
  • jack
  • jake
  • jump
  • kidnapped
  • lake
  • left
  • marriage
  • mate
  • mindreading
  • mother
  • packing
  • parents
  • party
  • pendant
  • portal
  • present
  • rogue
  • run
  • secret
  • sleep
  • snake
  • spell
  • taken
  • talking
  • tired
  • turn
  • turned
  • window


Bump in the Night- Holly (main character) Holly was just a normal girl or so she thought. After the strange murder of her uncle her aunt goes crazy and tries to murder Holly. Before her aunt dies she tells Holly the truth about her father, but this is only the beginning. She learns that her best friend is a vampire and that the guy that she likes is one too. Holly is pushed into a life she never wanted one with the most overprotective (yet sweet) boyfriend, and a crazy great uncle who thinks killing her is his duty. A world where she is a vampire princess and she is given all the perks of the position, but can she survive when in the one place she thought she was safe she isn't? Can she survive when no matter what her great uncle is breathing down her neck? Can she survive when he kidnaps her? Will she be able to tell Jake her secret? The one that she never got to tell because her uncle kidnapped her before she could.


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Bump in t...
by Alyss_Midnight