Grew up with Green...
By ShadowSigns
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Astral doesn't remember anything about her childhood. But she does know that as far as her memory stretches, there has always been one person been by her side. Hal Jordan AKA Green Lantern has watched over her ever since she was found abused and beaten in one of his missions of the Justice league. Woe to behold, Astral had shown extraordinary signs of having abilities far beyond human comprehension. Too many to keep her on Earth. So he took her with him, helping her to control and master her powers as he traveled the planets of his sector. Now, being more handled with what she can do, Hal trusts her to join the rest of the younger heroes in their new team to help save the world. However, neither Hal nor Astral could have expected that there seems to be a little more of a bond with Astral than just teammate forming with a certain Atlantean. Her story started with Green but may end in Aqua.

Today is the day.

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Grew up w...
by ShadowSigns