The Lady in Blue (S...
By poltergeist_people
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READ AFTER READING THE VAMPIRE'S PET. One year ago Lord Dawson shut the doors of his mansion after the tragic death of his pet and has yet to open them since. People living around the manner have not seen their lord in a year, only the occasional glimpse of servants leaving the gates of the huge estate. And every now and then under the light of moon, a beautiful woman in a gown from another time was spotted roaming the gardens near the fence Almost always in blue. They spoke of her as if a legend, a woman, and a great mystery. The beautiful woman. The lady in blue. ~~ "Kaden...honey come to bed." I looked down at my lover as he signed document after document, "not now pet." Shaking my head I poured him his favorite scotch, taking a sip before placing it on the cherrywood desk, "don't be like that, you know you want to play." His gaze flicked up at me, "only if you agree to stop roaming the gardens at night, rumors are spreading." I rolled my eyes, "love you too Kaden." He shot me a smirk sipping at his drink, "do you really love me?" "do you?" I shot back. "I do, I always did, I will for eternity Calla." I grinned wickedly my tiny fangs glimmering in the candlelight and my eyes flashing red. "good remember that or I may just have to find a new lover." His laugh echoed through the room as he pulled me into his lap. I leaned into his chest, "tell me everythings going to be okay." Tell me we will open those doors again soon. "Everything will be okay." !!!Mature for language and sexual content!!!

Ch 1: My Heart Aches

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The Lady...
by poltergeist_people