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By reversereverie
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'The winter recalls memories. Snow free drops in the evening. The time ticks when her body collapses in endless blood of white soil. She watches with her honey orbs of despair as death covers her soul into nightfall. How will she be reborn again if the ice froze her heart, since sorrow and beyond?' Olivia Maree Thompson's life was under the cradle of her family's death. Two events haunted her dreams, jumbled her judgment, and conspired herself with revenge. Until one winter, she ran away from her foster house and met a girl with the most grayish eyes and mint-flavored lips, turning her nightmare into dreams of longing. Totally mesmerized, she vowed to find the owner of those frosty eyes and tame her heart completely. But what if there are more stories behind her gaze? Will she able to taste her lips once again? Or be frozen between loss and the three flavors of Bree? ...


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Flavors |...
by reversereverie