Remnants of Shatter...
By MpWKing
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Skylar realizes the precipice she stands on as she begins her final year of high school and finds out she's pregnant. With no support from the people that she relies on, Skylar wonders what she wants. Is she ready to become a parent, or on the other hand, can she bear the weight of extinguishing a life that hasn't yet begun? The question remains: can she handle the consequences of her shattered innocence; or will they tear her apart at the seams? Note from the Author: This story is a work in progress. I'm currently on hiatus because I've been signed to a publisher (Rambunctious Rambling Publishing) for a fantasy book called Shadows & Light. I have an overflowing plate, but I'll update when and if I can. I may make minor changes to chapters as the story progresses. I am hoping to hear lots feedback from my readers. Think I misspelled something? Is there a better word or phrase I could've used in a certain spot? Wondering about a different character's point of view? Something seem off? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading! and thanks for the cover @Noni1717 :D

Chapter 1 (April 2, 2004)

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by MpWKing