Triplets are even W...
By AlphacowToTheRescue
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Yeah warning, first real effort put in book. So not great still confused on how it got so many reads and votes BUT THANK YOU! Started when i was still a noob and i wasnt the AT ALL best writer. Also dramatic and uneducated XD You have been warned. P.s. Uncompleted and high chance it won't be. I'm so sorry. -------- Ouran academy. The host club. Everything normal. NOT ANYMORE! The twins Hikaru and Kaoru have a sibling. No one knows about this sibling and when they hear about it they are certainly not, not suspicious with it. Liva'ka Hitachiin is the third triplet of the Hitachiin children. When little, with mom gone there aunt didn't think a lady should be left in a house full of just men so much to the triplets protest Liva'ka was taken from her home by her aunt. 8 years later Liva'ka is sent back to her home since there aunt could not control Liva'ka. The twins are overjoyed with her returnal but two things seem to bother the twins. One there friends don't know about her at all and two she has grown up. Being the protecting brothers they are they dress Liva'ka as a boy so no boy will try to be with her but the host club find out pretty fast that Liva'ka is indeed a girl. Follow the crazy adventures of the host club and Liva'ka in Triplets are even WORSE! :-)


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