Beauty And Her Beast
By tobeexpected
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He never wanted to be good, until he met her. He liked the feeling of fighting, until he met her. He liked being feared by everyone, until he met her. His favorite game was Russian Roulette, until he met her. He was who he was and never felt guilty about any of the horrible things he did, until he met her. She never wanted to take any risk, until she met him. She enjoyed the safety of a warm blanket and a book, until she met him. she didn't fall for temptation, until she met him. She thought the mafia only existed in movies, until she met him. She always dreamed of her fairytale prince charming, until she met him. Now beauty has her eyes on a beast, and it looks like the beast has his on her too. #57 in ROMANCE 4/4/17 #119 in Action 9/13/18

Beauty And Her Beast

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Beauty An...
by tobeexpected