Opposite of Average...
By tpwk1998
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** Currently editing (May 2020) ** "Who doesn't dream about it? Meeting your favourite band? Well, I do! But, there's a slight problem. I am socially anxious, so... When I finally met them, I shut down. I literally didn't say a word. I tried to hide my face. They probably think I'm an idiot." This is the story of Niall Horan. A normal 18 year old. He's obsessed over a band called One Direction. He is gay and he suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. He finds it extremely difficult to speak with people, even though he has known them for years. This causes a big problem when he finally gets to meet the boys of One Direction. However, they notice that he's struggling and they want to help him. This results in lots of trouble. Do you think you know what's going to happen? I promise you, you don't have a clue.

1. Hi! This is me! (edited)

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by tpwk1998