Eloquence of an Elu...
By focuspullingwords
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She'd been involved in everything from petty theft to armed robbery, her role never differing from case to case. Dressed in a trench coat, hair curled and dyed, a young girl stalks the streets of London. Her ability to outsmart police has shaped her into an elusive threat which Sherlock is determined to understand; her intentions go misunderstood as she repeats her familiar routine. The infamous fall. The faithful leap which she uses to aid criminals. John receives an anonymous comment on his blog, it makes very little sense but later proves to be somewhat important. Miraculously this sought after delinquent arrives at the doorstep of 221B, she has Moriarty written all over her. Quite literally. John and Sherlock set out to understand the anomaly that is Falene Alcove. -My first fanfiction so probably won't be that good, editing as I go along so apologies for sloppy writing. Lemme know what you think!-

Cryptic Poetry

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by focuspullingwords