Wanting the Detecti...
By LeahMaser
  • Romance
  • adult
  • cop
  • crime
  • detective
  • fbi
  • hero
  • law
  • love
  • murder
  • mystery
  • protector
  • romantic
  • steamy
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • trafficking
  • trauma


Special Agent Lucy Reynolds is searching for her missing sister in Atlanta. She'll do whatever it takes to find her, even if that means compromising the investigation of the sexy detective already on the case. Detective Kurt Milton doesn't play by rules when lives are at stake. He'll take the enigmatic agent with the conflict-of-interest along for the ride if it'll get him closer to the enemy... and to her. Will this untamed officer be Lucy's shield from the flames as they attempt to burn a sex-trafficking ring to the ground? Or will they both die, trying? **This novel was a Top Ten finalist in Harlequin's 2014 So You Think You Can Write competition. If you liked this story, please be sure to keep tabs on my work-in-progress as well; I'm entering "Don't Say 'I Do'" in SYTYCW 2015 and your support is appreciated!**

Chapter 1

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Wanting t...
by LeahMaser