The King's Jewel (T...
By eminems97
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Thranduil's face loomed closer as he leaned down. Their eyes were locked, and Alina saw his darken almost imperceptibly with unknown emotions. Noses brushing again, her eyes closed and she instinctively tilted her head up to him. His cool breath fanned her face, and her heart quickened. "Don't be afraid to ask for help, my dear." Startled, Alina's eyes flew open, only to see Thranduil, a smirk on his face and the baskets in his hands. His eyes gleamed with laughter as he turned to walk away, leaving Alina with a burning face and a racing pulse. Alina is a normal college student on her first study abroad course when something goes horribly wrong. She finds herself immersed in the world of elves and drawn to their cold-hearted leader. Is his heart to cold for her to melt or is there hope?

Ch 1

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The King'...
by eminems97